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About Paz

Experienced Producer for Commercials, Films, Comedy and Music Videos

Recent Credits

Carlsberg, Caviar, Waitrose, Weetabix, Samsung, Nike, IKEA, Beats By Dre, Goodfella's, FIFA 19, Samsung

Associated with

Stink Films, Serial Pictures, Strangelove, Radical Media, Park Pictures, Archer's Mark


Additional Information

Awards: Pitch 100 Supermen 2020

Skills: Managing Budgets of up-to £2 million (content to feature films) * Multiple units with crews up-to 100+
VR / 360 content / 360 drone
Underwater (including deep underwater)
Arial Filming
Set-up and Filmed in over 40 countries
Stories & People Finding in hard places
Licensing – Music – Film - Stills
Motion Control
Scripted Comedy / Pranks / Hidden Camera * Stunts / Fight Sequences / Armoury / Cars
Dance Choreography
Fashion & Sports (football to extreme sports)